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Ever wanted to change the style of the text within a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)?  Add these custom styles to your style sheet:

CEWP paragraph formatting
div.ms-WPBody {}

CEWP H1 header formatting
div.ms-wpbody p h1, div.ms-wpbody h1 {}

CEWP H2 header formatting
div.ms-wpbody p h2, div.ms-wpbody h2 {}

CEWP H3 header formatting
div.ms-wpbody p h3, div.ms-wpbody h3 {}

CEWP unordered and ordered list formatting
div.ms-wpbody p ul, div.ms-wpbody ul {} 
div.ms-wpbody p ol, div.ms-wpbody ol {} 

CEWP links formatting
div.ms-wpbody a:link {}
div.ms-wpbody a:visited {}
div.ms-wpbody a:hover {}  

UPDATE 9/12/05: Shane posts some additional info about this topic.

posted on Thursday, August 25, 2005 8:04 PM

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